I See Destiny

New York City is not all Manhattan—skyscrapers, taxis, and “no sky to be seen.” There is Queens, my big-little borough, with brick apartment buildings decorated in ivy and graffiti, Spanish music wafting through the streets, and roadside vendors. Living in a city means there are people everywhere—in my face, at … Read More

When Leaders Fall

I hit enter and sat in disbelief as the headlines flashed on the screen. I quickly opened the first several links with a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach that dropped deeper than the floor. “No! Not another one!” the string of words kept racing through my head. A friend … Read More

Pornography and Prostitution

Pornography and Prostitution: a backstreet brothel, a locked bedroom door, and the link between the two. It is easy to shake our heads at a problem, briefly pray for someone, or impersonally support an organization when we can stay emotionally disconnected. We give money to organizations that feed the poor … Read More

Is Greek Worth It?

In my early years, Greek was just another subject I did in homeschool. I mostly enjoyed it, but as I grew older I allowed it to slip to the back burner as merely something I knew I should be keeping up with. But later on, I returned to Greek, and … Read More

Bought Out by Them

It’s possible that we are really, really dumb. At least when we youth live in our universe as Christians and think that that universe is not affecting us at all. Yet it seems to me that we really are clueless at times. We are essentially standing in a virtual line … Read More

My Vision: Why I’m Here

If your life has been anything like mine, it’s been riddled with questions. Even when you know what is right, it’s still treacherously difficult to consistently act as you should. But leaving aside our often wavering resolve, the best of intentions can lead to bad results. Life isn’t just a … Read More