Kristen Yoder

Kristen Yoder currently resides in Elmhurst, Queens, NYC, one of the most ethnically diverse places on the earth. She loves city living and is especially partial toward NYC. She is currently completing her BA in English while participating in different church activities. She is thrilled by the beauty of the multiple countries represented in Elmhurst and her multi-ethnic church because it represents a glimpse of what the throne room in heaven will look like. Out of her passion for cultures and upbringing at the Mission Training Center (, one of her dreams is to see more ethnic diversity in Anabaptist circles.

Through research paper assignments in college and Bible school, Kristen learned to enjoy writing both as an intellectual exercise and as a way of influencing people with the truth of Scripture. One of her goals for writing is to proclaim the Gospel, challenging other believers to do the same because she believes all Christians have been given the responsibility to make disciples wherever they are. 

Currently, Kristen is learning to trust God with her whole life and hold to the promises He has given in His word. Sparked by a study on God’s immutability, or His unchangingness, she wants to continue studying more about His specific attributes, as revealed through Scripture. Besides learning about His immutability, she is also realizing the importance of His other character traits, including His goodness, faithfulness, omnipotence, and wisdom. Studying the character of God gives her a solid foundation on which she can trust Him with her whole future. 

Oh, and she will immediately jump into any conversation about the Myers-Briggs and DISC personality types or about favorite books and relieves stress by cooking new dishes, laughing with her siblings, or playing board games.

Posts By Kristen Yoder:

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