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Why I Call New York City Home

Introduction Over eight million people live in my hometown. Many call it the Big Apple, a financial hub, an artist’s inspiration, a tourist’s destination. I call it home. When I think about New York City, I don’t picture the Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Center, or yellow cabs. My mind … Read More

Where the Good Way Lies

In the real world, many things don’t fit neatly into spiritual categories. How should a congregation process these things? We all live them, inevitably. And in the process, a sort of practical culture arises. We try to respect each other, and we do things similarly to each other. Then we begin to recommend those things to each other. That is to say, we develop traditions. 

Always Together, Halfway

There’s a frightening irony about our modern lives: as we become increasingly interconnected with others, we risk succumbing to loneliness. This is tragic, because we have more tools at our disposal, not less. That’s the problem, though: we can use good tools at the wrong time and forfeit opportunities for … Read More

Bring Them Home

Let me introduce you to a sphere in which vulnerabilities lie. Some lie hidden behind facades of wealth, religion, and our downtown districts. Sometimes we merely see the city towers, the mirage of cultural diversity, the success, and still think the needs lie in a foreign land, dusty and scorched— … Read More

Holy Spirit as God’s Temple Presence

In a previous post, I started a three-part series on the Holy Spirit—a topic that is often either ignored or misunderstood among Christians. In that post we surveyed the Spirit’s “hovering” presence which brings about creation and new creation. But the Holy Spirit’s roles are as multifaceted as one would … Read More