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The Selfie Problem

We don’t view ourselves the same way any more. Or, to put it another way, we view ourselves a lot more. Our lives have been changed by our phones and how easy it is to take pictures and send them anywhere. This makes us much more aware of how we … Read More

Developing a Healthy Foodview

What is your foodview? And if you have an answer for that question, is it Biblical? Few of us give careful thought to the area of physical health. And we rarely search the Scriptures for God’s insight in this matter. Food, health, and physical wellbeing are  sensitive issues. While we … Read More

Living the Priesthood of All Believers

The 16th century Reformation highlighted one of my favorite doctrines of the new covenant—the priesthood of all believers. Yet, like many important things in life, time and complacency obscure and erode our commitments to the truth that should captivate our hearts. My vision is to renew our commitment to this … Read More

Can You?

I want to spend my life meaningfully. When I die, I hope that the Kingdom of God has advanced just a little farther than where it is now. And since many people in this generation of Anabaptist young(-ish) people highly value Kingdom service, you might be at the same place.

When We Want His Solutions and Not His Strength

While avoiding the thought of my long shift and the inevitably grumpy customers ahead of me, my mind swirled as it tried to organize my long to-do list. Don’t forget about this assignment for that class. You need to message her about youth tomorrow. Oh snap, I need to exercise this afternoon.