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Combating False Simplicity

I just wrote a post where I argued that we make life too complicated. We allow ourselves to get bogged down in vague doubt instead of doing what we know to do. But we also have a problem with clinging to simplistic narratives. Sometimes our Christian rhetoric starts to seem … Read More

Real Food and Christian Stewardship

In the previous two articles in this series, we took a closer look at what a God-honoring foodview should be, and discussed the two important guiding principles of self control and gratitude. The final area I want to address is the “why” and “how” of eating quality food. In the … Read More

Autonomy Is the Wisdom of This Age

In 1930, Aldous Huxley wrote the book Brave New World. His book describes a utopian future society where the world is ruled by one totalitarian government. The government determines all aspects of people’s lives, but nobody complains that they are being controlled, because they feel like they have everything they … Read More

On the Simplicity of Doing

I’ve been struck by something lately. I often hear someone talk about something they know they shouldn’t be doing, rather sheepishly. Or maybe it’s something they should be doing but aren’t. What’s striking is that often the solution really isn’t that complex. It’s clear which path is right. But somehow … Read More