The Team

Drew Barnard
Senior Editor

Drew is a musician, writer, and teacher who loves engaging conversation, especially on the church and philosophy. When he isn’t teaching music or working on a Think Truth project, Drew is probably reading, playing piano, or catching up with a friend at a coffee shop. He is constantly wrestling with deep questions and wouldn’t want life any other way.

Sergey Kravets

Sergey is a music teacher and MM student in choral conducting. He enjoys discussions of different ideas and premises in Christian thought, and is curious to think out their logical conclusions. In his off-seasons, Sergey loves to spend time with friends, try something new, or travel with a choir.

Elijah Lloyd
Site Manager, Editor

Elijah Lloyd is a speaker and writer interested in theology, history, and cultural issues. He reads the Dispatch news every morning, enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and works as a self-employed remodeler. Elijah and his wife Verna find themselves traveling internationally often, but enjoy their neighborhood and home in Lancaster, PA even more. Mostly, they enjoy getting to know their son Theodore, who is in his first year of life.

Paul Lamicela

Dr. Paul Lamicela (PhD in biblical theology) teaches biblical studies through his Biblical Storyline Academy ( Paul’s passion is to help people know, be shaped by, and love the truth, goodness, and beauty of the one grand story of Scripture—which we are swept into through Jesus. Paul loves teaching and enjoys good conversations and good books (especially biblical studies and classic fiction). Paul is a very happy husband to Laura, and a member of Charity Christian Fellowship in Leola, PA. Paul and Laura’s hobbies include cooking (especially Mediterranean) and travel (especially in Europe).

Kristen Yoder

Kristen is a college student, Chick-fil-A employee, and lover of literature. She resides in Queens, NYC, and finds joy in interacting with people from other cultures. Her passion is to see the Church of Christ using their gifts to share the gospel both in their home communities as well as around the globe.