Drew Barnard

Drew Barnard is a musician, writer, and a lover of good conversation. He believes that a pursuit of God should lead to a whole-hearted engagement of the mind and emotions. Raised in a Christian home, Drew watched his parents move into the Anabaptist circles at a young age. After his father left the family when he was sixteen, Drew faced many questions about his purpose in life and learning how to discern God’s will. As a result of these experiences, he is passionate about seeing others faithfully serving Christ, regardless of trying circumstances. He is particularly interested in the questions and difficulties that exist within the Anabaptist communities.

A classical pianist, Drew recently quit his office job to become a music teacher; he has a number of private piano students and also serves as the music director at Schaefferstown Mennonite High School. In his free time, if he’s not reading, writing, or playing piano, Drew loves spending time with his siblings or catching up one-on-one with his friends. He attends the Church at Cross Keys and is excited to see other brothers and sisters hungry to serve God more fully.

As an editor and contributor at Think Truth, Drew plans to continue using this platform to produce content inspired by rousing discussions with friends, personal study, and ultimately an ever-growing love for Jesus.

Posts By Drew Barnard:

The Selfie Problem

We don’t view ourselves the same way any more. Or, to put it another way, we view ourselves a lot more. Our lives have been changed by our phones and how easy it is to take pictures and send them anywhere. This makes us much more aware of how we … Read More

Always Together, Halfway

There’s a frightening irony about our modern lives: as we become increasingly interconnected with others, we risk succumbing to loneliness. This is tragic, because we have more tools at our disposal, not less. That’s the problem, though: we can use good tools at the wrong time and forfeit opportunities for … Read More

When Thinking Is Not Enough

I’m convinced that people don’t think enough. Bad thinking permeates every sphere of our society—the church is certainly not immune. Pursuing a more vibrant understanding of truth is a worthwhile cause and something that needs to be emphasized more in our churches. Naturally, we can’t pursue truth—whether it’s knowledge about … Read More

How Do We Relate to Others in Music?

As I draw my music series to a close (for now), I’d like to focus on how we should relate to each other in our music. It’s important to develop in our individual understanding, but it’s perhaps equally crucial to know how to apply this in our interaction with others. … Read More

I Won’t Be Voting Tonight. Here’s Why.

The 2020 election is a big deal. It’s the most important election in American history, just like every other election. American democracy is resilient; we’ve survived moments of terror that turned out to be nothing. Remember all the people that moved to Canada when Trump was elected? Of course you … Read More