Thinking more so we can better love God and others.

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We think that people don’t think enough – and definitely not enough truth. When we view the world we live in and the Christian milieu which surrounds us…well, it seems that a lot more thinking needs to be done. 

But not just any sort of thinking. We need to engage in thinking that results in a greater desire and love for God. It’s important to have proper motivation for learning. St. Paul told us that some types of knowledge puffs up, while love builds others up. So, we are aiming for knowledge resulting in more love for God and people.

Consider that as you read. 

We are searching for clarity and wisdom in stale debates. We want to bring the potency of the full Word of God into the discussions which engage our generation.

We want to join with God’s people in building His Church, while understanding our place in redemptive history. Although we get that there will be strong opinions and differences, especially when we address somewhat controversial issues, we wish to show God’s love to the world through uncompromised truth, and never to promote meaningless doctrinal warfare and negativity.


Recent Posts

Pornography and Prostitution

Pornography and Prostitution: a backstreet brothel, a locked bedroom door, and the link between the two. It is easy to shake our heads at a problem, briefly pray for someone, or impersonally support an organization when we can stay emotionally disconnected. We give...

How to Become an Important Part of Your Church

How to Become an Important Part of Your Church

It’s a common thing for church people to feel underappreciated. Many friends I’ve talked to in the last year have complained about not getting enough chances to use their potential in the church. “Elijah, the leaders just don’t care about raising up potential,” they...

I Won’t Be Voting Tonight. Here’s Why.

I Won’t Be Voting Tonight. Here’s Why.

The 2020 election is a big deal. It’s the most important election in American history, just like every other election. American democracy is resilient; we’ve survived moments of terror that turned out to be nothing. Remember all the people that moved to Canada when...

How Do We Assess Value in Music?

How Do We Assess Value in Music?

If you’ve been reading my music series, I started by contending that we should be talking about music, then wrote a second post explaining why I think musical style matters. Now I’d like to share some of what has helped me in forming my own values in music.  We begin...

The Great Divide: Is Music Morally Neutral?

The Great Divide: Is Music Morally Neutral?

There’s a severe divide in the music debate. We can’t decide if music is morally neutral. Most disagreement points back to this question. Depending on how we answer the question, music could be a free-for-all, where personal preference dictates all we do, or our...

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