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We think that people don’t think enough – and definitely not enough truth. When we view the world we live in and the Christian milieu which surrounds us…well, it seems that a lot more thinking needs to be done. 

But not just any sort of thinking. We need to engage in thinking that results in a greater desire and love for God. It’s important to have proper motivation for learning. St. Paul told us that some types of knowledge puffs up, while love builds others up. So, we are aiming for knowledge resulting in more love for God and people.

Consider that as you read. 

We are searching for clarity and wisdom in stale debates. We want to bring the potency of the full Word of God into the discussions which engage our generation.

We want to join with God’s people in building His Church, while understanding our place in redemptive history. Although we get that there will be strong opinions and differences, especially when we address somewhat controversial issues, we wish to show God’s love to the world through uncompromised truth, and never to promote meaningless doctrinal warfare and negativity.


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Check out our vision page!

Check out our vision page!

There’s a reason why we are doing this blog. It comes out of our story, our beliefs, and our passion. Click here to see our vision.

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Striving for a Goal

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Who Is To Blame?

For me, it all started in Colombia, South America, this unnerving process of awakening to a foreign crisis becoming a personal concern, of watching COVID-19 jump from “their” neighborhood to our neighborhood.  I was volunteering at a soup kitchen for Venezuelan...

At the core of everything:

We believe in a God who has revealed himself.

We believe in a Bible that tells the true story of the world.

We believe that God wants us to know truth as fully as possible.

We believe that truth worth knowing is truth worth sharing.