The Vision


Drew and Elijah go way back. When they were young boys, they would routinely get into heated arguments about politics after church. As they got older, their paths seemed to head in a different direction. Elijah spent a couple years teaching English in Ghana, while Drew started collaborating with Sergey on a wide range of musical projects. These formative years in our lives served to make us more passionate about the issues facing our broader communities. Our individual experiences, as different as they were, served to develop in us a similar hunger and pursuit of truth.

Now, as we have been joining together in this new blog project, we are enjoying working together, bouncing ideas back and forth, and learning a lot in the process. Our life experiences are quite different, so it’s fascinating to compare notes and look at issues from different perspectives. This blog gives us a practical outlet to publish some of these thoughts; we’d love to have others join us in these discussions!


We believe in a God who created the universe, redeemed fallen man, and gave us a book that beautifully explains the story. We are grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for saving us from sin, giving us a reason to live, and the promise of a glorious future with Him. We hold the Bible as the ultimate source of all truth, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we look to it for wisdom and direction in every area of our lives.

As Jesus told us, we believe the first and greatest command is to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Secondly, we are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. These truths, while profoundly simple, provide the foundation for our Christian lives, and the means by which we learn to relate to each other. We aim to keep this in the center of our efforts to explore and learn more about the world and our communities.


We’re all from outside of the Anabaptist community. For us, the convictions we now hold came as a result of years of trials and searching. While the lessons we learned were valuable and faith-strengthening, we don’t want to see others repeat our mistakes. We see many people within our communities who are wrestling with serious issues, trying to find their way, and overwhelmed with the pressures they face. We can identify with this turbulence and are still grappling with many questions in our own lives.

But we’re excited and strengthened to know that there are answers to these questions! If our own ability to process and face life determined our fate, we’d be a hopeless mess. But we’ve seen God tenderly direct us and give us answers through the Word and by His Spirit. That’s how we can have confidence to go on. We hope our thoughts can serve as an inspiration for you to be drawn closer to Christ and search more earnestly for His truth. He truly is worth living for!