Longing for Home

Recently, Elijah and I and our baby son packed up our home in a Pennsylvania city and moved ourselves to the land of our ancestors. We now live on the edge of a little village nestled in the Taunus mountains and are slowly discovering what it means to call this … Read More

Let’s Not React to (Good) Authority

I’ve been writing and podcasting about authority and how it’s been abused, specifically in the Gothard/IBLP context. For some, I imagine my choice to focus on abuses of authority has seemed a bit edgy, an odd choice in an era where church authority is already under a lot of attack. … Read More

Does Theology Hinder a Christian Lifestyle?

Belief vs Behavior I have often heard it asserted that early Christians emphasized a holy lifestyle, not theology. This assertion usually flows out of a concern to combat Christians who define faith as mental assent alone—not a changed life. However, I am certain that juxtaposing belief and behavior this way … Read More