Paul Lamicela

Paul Lamicela is a biblical studies teacher and Ph.D. student, and newlywed husband to his beautiful wife Laura. He was born into an Italian-American family in NYC and has lived in PA with his family since age 10. 

Paul’s passion is to help people know, be shaped by, and love the truth, goodness, and beauty of the one grand story of Scripture—which we are swept into through Jesus. Paul loves teaching and enjoys good conversations and good books (especially biblical studies and classic fiction). 

Years of severe chronic illness in Paul’s family (his mother and younger sister) have made a significant impact on Paul’s life and thinking. It’s forced him to wrestle with hard, real questions about suffering and God’s goodness. It’s also led him to a special appreciation for the hope of the resurrection and new creation.

Paul and Laura’s hobbies include cooking (especially Mediterranean) and travel (especially in Europe).

Posts By Paul Lamicela:

Holy Spirit as God’s Temple Presence

In a previous post, I started a three-part series on the Holy Spirit—a topic that is often either ignored or misunderstood among Christians. In that post we surveyed the Spirit’s “hovering” presence which brings about creation and new creation. But the Holy Spirit’s roles are as multifaceted as one would … Read More


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Wedding as Divine Drama

Weddings are beautiful; something about them moves us. But if you think about it, they’re also a bit strange. Think about it: a man and a woman decide to start a life together, but to do so the woman has to wear a brand-new solid white dress (which she won’t … Read More

Fellow Heirs, Kings and Queens

Immediately after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God rather cryptically foretold that from then on, the relationship between man and woman would be fraught with attempts to dominate and subvert each other (Gen 3:16). Well, sure enough.  Mainstream society today is trying very hard to push back against … Read More