Drew Barnard

Drew Barnard is a musician, writer, and a lover of good conversation. He believes that a pursuit of God should lead to a whole-hearted engagement of the mind and emotions. Raised in a Christian home, Drew watched his parents move into the Anabaptist circles at a young age. After his father left the family when he was sixteen, Drew faced many questions about his purpose in life and learning how to discern God’s will. As a result of these experiences, he is passionate about seeing others faithfully serving Christ, regardless of trying circumstances. He is particularly interested in the questions and difficulties that exist within the Anabaptist communities.

A classical pianist, Drew recently quit his office job to become a music teacher; he has a number of private piano students and also serves as the music director at Schaefferstown Mennonite High School. In his free time, if he’s not reading, writing, or playing piano, Drew loves spending time with his siblings or catching up one-on-one with his friends. He attends the Church at Cross Keys and is excited to see other brothers and sisters hungry to serve God more fully.

As an editor and contributor at Think Truth, Drew plans to continue using this platform to produce content inspired by rousing discussions with friends, personal study, and ultimately an ever-growing love for Jesus.

Posts By Drew Barnard:

Seven Principles for Discernment in the News

I’ve always loved history, especially political history. As a young teenager, I’d get into lively disputes with my friends after church, usually over the legacy of a past president. It got out of hand to the point that there was a backroom apology session with fathers involved. It’s almost hilarious … Read More

How Do We Respond to the News?

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Lessons Learned in Quarantine

These are strange times. It’s been less than two weeks since I first wrote about COVID-19 and my life has certainly not become less strange since. After some potential exposure, our family decided to self-quarantine; just a few days later, the governor issued a stay-at-home order for our county. It’s … Read More

How Should We Respond to COVID-19?

When I first heard about the coronavirus, I wasn’t worried. It was happening in China, far from home, and probably wasn’t a big deal there, anyway. Remember Ebola and the swine flu? Case in point. It was never a big deal, at least not close to home. If it came … Read More

The Necessity of a Daily Connection

If you read my last two posts, I attempted to make some helpful observations on the positive and negative aspects of tradition. I barely scratched the surface. I’ve enjoyed lively discussions, both within our team and with some of you readers. Many questions have emerged. Do our communities work too … Read More

The Danger of Leaving Tradition

In my last post, I discussed some of the dangers of tradition. In the attempt to maintain points of doctrine or practice, it’s easy to lose sight of the Biblical reasons we hold our beliefs in the first place. Even when issues are correctly understood, they can be militantly defended … Read More

4 Ways Tradition Can Be Dangerous

It would be nice if life were simple. There are so many paths we can take in life, so many conflicting ideas. Choosing to seek for truth doesn’t make the journey easy or self-evident. In a complicated world, it’s hard to know who we should trust. That’s why there is … Read More

Hard Lessons in Success

I started out the year a bit foggy-brained. It wasn’t because anything was going seriously wrong in my life. Just a few months before, I had quit my office job to become a music teacher. That was a big deal. I had dreamed about doing something like that for years. … Read More