How Do We Relate to Others in Music?

As I draw my music series to a close (for now), I’d like to focus on how we should relate to each other in our music. It’s important to develop in our individual understanding, but it’s perhaps equally crucial to know how to apply this in our interaction with others. … Read More

How Do We Assess Value in Music?

If you’ve been reading my music series, I started by contending that we should be talking about music, then wrote a second post explaining why I think musical style matters. Now I’d like to share some of what has helped me in forming my own values in music.  We begin … Read More

The Great Divide: Is Music Morally Neutral?

There’s a severe divide in the music debate. We can’t decide if music is morally neutral. Most disagreement points back to this question. Depending on how we answer the question, music could be a free-for-all, where personal preference dictates all we do, or our musical choices could actually be a … Read More

Should We Be Talking About Music?

Music is an amazing gift from God. I’m not sure what would have happened to me if I hadn’t found it. I was a rambunctious, high-strung little boy who couldn’t stop asking questions and jumping off the walls. I needed an outlet for all this built-up energy. When I started … Read More