Embracing Tension

There is a struggle inherent in Christianity that I do not think is discussed enough at its deepest level. Although we experience this struggle to no end, we do not sufficiently discuss why the struggle continues and where it comes from. Those will be the keys which will give us … Read More

Striving for a Goal

Almost everyone in this world is striving for success in something. It might be in education, in growing a business, in their marriage, or in many other things, but everyone wants to succeed. When we look back at the end of the week, month, or year, we want to be … Read More

The Necessity of a Daily Connection

If you read my last two posts, I attempted to make some helpful observations on the positive and negative aspects of tradition. I barely scratched the surface. I’ve enjoyed lively discussions, both within our team and with some of you readers. Many questions have emerged. Do our communities work too … Read More

Hard Lessons in Success

I started out the year a bit foggy-brained. It wasn’t because anything was going seriously wrong in my life. Just a few months before, I had quit my office job to become a music teacher. That was a big deal. I had dreamed about doing something like that for years. … Read More


Success is sweet. Expectations are powerful. And when we meet our expectations, we feel successful. This past New Year’s Eve found me singing and praying in the new year with a dear group of friends. It was after one o’clock when I stumbled into bed. I was exhausted, but could … Read More