Caleb Otto

Caleb currently lives in NYC. He is passionate about being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Engaging with people and reading good books are a couple of his favorite activities. He is anticipating involvement with a new church plant in Quebec.

Posts By Caleb Otto:

More Than “Just Friends”

The term “friendship evangelism” means several different things. It can mean deliberately waiting to share the Gospel with someone until a relationship has been established. The friendship evangelism label is also used to reference the idea that we should live righteous, godly lives, and wait to say anything about the … Read More


Success is sweet. Expectations are powerful. And when we meet our expectations, we feel successful. This past New Year’s Eve found me singing and praying in the new year with a dear group of friends. It was after one o’clock when I stumbled into bed. I was exhausted, but could … Read More