Karissa Mohler

Karissa is an artistic, idealistic middle child, aspiring to love thoroughly God and others. Her ideal (and current) life involves truth, intention, and beauty. In the margin of the day-to-day, Karissa dabbles in graphic design, music, and the study of various topics including theology and tea.

Posts By Karissa Mohler:

To Dads & Their Daughters

I don’t know if dedicating blog posts is a proper thing to do—but I’m dedicating this one to my father, Jason Mohler. Some girls are naturally a “Daddy’s girl.” I’m one of them. But every daughter, apart from her propensities, benefits from a lifelong wholesome relationship with her father. The … Read More

Why We Need More Women of the Word

As far as I know, very few Christian women frequently study the Bible.  Why?  I’m afraid there’s an unspoken precedent that is keeping women from embracing the fervent study of Scripture. And this is a problem with farther reaching results than we might think.   It seems that in the Anabaptist … Read More

Lazy Days & Leisure Well-Spent

It’s the middle of the summer of 2022. For some of us, this season holds more free time and relaxation than other times of the year. Whether our schedules are rife with social events or relatively empty, we all have pockets of time left for us to fill or kill. … Read More

Real Food and Christian Stewardship

In the previous two articles in this series, we took a closer look at what a God-honoring foodview should be, and discussed the two important guiding principles of self control and gratitude. The final area I want to address is the “why” and “how” of eating quality food. In the … Read More

Developing a Healthy Foodview

What is your foodview? And if you have an answer for that question, is it Biblical? Few of us give careful thought to the area of physical health. And we rarely search the Scriptures for God’s insight in this matter. Food, health, and physical wellbeing are  sensitive issues. While we … Read More