Lazy Days & Leisure Well-Spent

It’s the middle of the summer of 2022. For some of us, this season holds more free time and relaxation than other times of the year. Whether our schedules are rife with social events or relatively empty, we all have pockets of time left for us to fill or kill. … Read More

In Pursuit of Pleasure

A common conundrum faced by Christians and Church leaders today is what to do with the myriad pleasures and pastimes that people pursue. How do we relate to activities that are not sin (and therefore not outright forbidden) but are still things of this world that often drag people down … Read More

A Fundamental Philosophy of Fun

“ So, I know this isn’t the right question to ask, but… what is actually wrong with it?” The question, which came from one of my eighth graders, was about an activity that another authority in his life had forbidden. I don’t remember exactly what the activity was or who … Read More