Politics and the Church

In a follow-up to their podcast on Suffering and Healing, Drew and Paul discuss some of their life experiences. They also ask how we can help those who are suffering in ways that are loving and helpful. Support the show (https://paypal.me/thinktruth)

Suffering and Healing

We should expect suffering in this life. But we are told to pray for healing. How do we reconcile this seeming paradox? Paul Lamicela joins the podcast for the first time to discuss how healing and suffering converge in the biblical perspective. Support the show (https://paypal.me/thinktruth)

Should We Listen to Non-Anabaptist Sources?

Many are concerned about young people reading non-Anabaptist authors, afraid that they will lose their way. Others try to discredit non-Anabaptists on their interpretation of a scriptural passage on the basis of an unrelated belief or lack thereof.  How should we make our reading decisions, and how can we learn … Read More

Wrapping Up the Museum Effect Discussion

Drew and Elijah reflect on their debate series and discuss their points of agreement. What if being different is actually our key to success in reaching out—so long as we’re different in the right areas and for the right reasons? They discuss relationships, music, devices, and Christian love…here’s where “different” … Read More

2nd Debate: The Museum Effect

What does it mean to be modern and is that a positive thing for Christians to desire to be? Does the fact that a specific tradition is old-fashioned make it less likely for others to adopt? Drew and Elijah come back to discuss the museum effect in more detail, focusing … Read More

Debate: The Museum Effect

Should we care if others think we conservative Anabaptists are old-fashioned? Is it a positive effect? Drew and Elijah debate these controversial questions together, finding mutual agreement and sharpening the disagreements, in this discussion on culture and the church.

Tradition: Is It Hurting Evangelism?

Does tradition keep outsiders from joining our churches? Or does our tradition—informed by our beliefs—actually serve to draw people to join us? This episode contains an answer to the anti-traditionalists that does not ignore Anabaptists’ evangelism problem or fuel the mindless tradition-dumping that many engage in. Support the show (https://paypal.me/thinktruth)