Think Truth Team

How We Get Worldliness Wrong

Yes, we talk a lot about avoiding being tainted by the world. We talk a lot about the dangers of worldliness. But what if we’re misusing the term? What if, in our zeal to stay away from “the world,” we’ve actually just been staying away from unbelievers? Join us in … Read More

Responding to Concerns about Novels

Novels are fiction, and by definition “not true,” right? Since Philippians 4:8 tells us to read things that are “true,” should we avoid novels? Drew, Elijah, and Kayla are back to discuss fiction, delving into the concerns some have about fiction and talking about how novels have positively affected their … Read More

Should Christians Read Novels?

For some, the question is obvious: novels are a waste of time, often include unrealistic romance, and are not true. For others, novels are a richer, different way of describing and enjoying the human experience, and prepare the Christian to better understand Scripture. Drew, Kayla, and I talk about our … Read More

Galatians Series: Allegories and Metaphors

In this final episode of our Galatians series, Paul and Drew tackle some fascinating and confusing portions of the letter: What does Paul mean by the “elements of the world”? How is Paul employing the story of Hagar and Sarah “allegorically”? And are Paul’s metaphors merely rhetorical flourishes, or are … Read More

Galatians Series: The Big Picture

In this episode, Paul and Drew discuss the reasons for the Apostle Paul writing this book. Why did Paul emphasize his apostleship in the first chapter? What is behind Paul’s phrase, “this present evil age,” in the beginning of the book? What is the “different gospel” that Paul was so … Read More