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What Is the Mark of the Beast?

Serious Christians are often on the lookout for the “mark of the beast.” And for good reason—it’s spiritually fatal! But should we be looking suspiciously at new technologies, vaccines, or payment methods? In fact, is this “mark” a specific, one-time “thing” for the final generation only, or is it an … Read More

Technology and the Threat of Distraction

Drew and Elijah talk about how to use technology without it keeping us from things that matter. Realistically, for most of us, the quality of our lives will suffer if we don’t make intentional choices about how we use–and don’t use–our phones. We are on YouTube! Support the show

Distinguishing Between Arbitrary Lines and the Big Picture

Drew and Elijah acknowledge that we all use some arbitrary lines in fleshing out principles, at least individually. But how do we keep this separate from strong positions we take, especially publicly? The podcast is launched with a discussion on a comment Drew received on a recent post: Think … Read More