Who Is To Blame?

For me, it all started in Colombia, South America, this unnerving process of awakening to a foreign crisis becoming a personal concern, of watching COVID-19 jump from “their” neighborhood to our neighborhood.  I was volunteering at a soup kitchen for Venezuelan refugees, just inside Colombia near a border crossing that … Read More

Lessons Learned in Quarantine

These are strange times. It’s been less than two weeks since I first wrote about COVID-19 and my life has certainly not become less strange since. After some potential exposure, our family decided to self-quarantine; just a few days later, the governor issued a stay-at-home order for our county. It’s … Read More

How Should We Respond to COVID-19?

When I first heard about the coronavirus, I wasn’t worried. It was happening in China, far from home, and probably wasn’t a big deal there, anyway. Remember Ebola and the swine flu? Case in point. It was never a big deal, at least not close to home. If it came … Read More