Timothy Miller

Timothy is a biblical studies major at Sattler College who loves studying biblical and historical theology. He is married with three young boys and is enthusiastic about hiking, reading, and eating mangos around a campfire.

Posts By Timothy Miller:

Does Theology Hinder a Christian Lifestyle?

Belief vs Behavior I have often heard it asserted that early Christians emphasized a holy lifestyle, not theology. This assertion usually flows out of a concern to combat Christians who define faith as mental assent alone—not a changed life. However, I am certain that juxtaposing belief and behavior this way … Read More

Living the Priesthood of All Believers

The 16th century Reformation highlighted one of my favorite doctrines of the new covenant—the priesthood of all believers. Yet, like many important things in life, time and complacency obscure and erode our commitments to the truth that should captivate our hearts. My vision is to renew our commitment to this … Read More