Revelation Podcast Series Starting!

Beasts with too many heads and horns. The threat of a seemingly elusive yet spiritually fatal “mark of the beast.” Controversies over the interpretations of esoteric prophecies. Memories of strange prophecy charts and low-quality Christian movies. 

For many of us, this is what the book of Revelation brings to mind. Many of the younger generation have settled for ignoring the book, in reaction against the divisive and unedifying ways we’ve heard it used. Others of us are, perhaps, still working to pair events in our world with the warnings and expectations of the book. Many of us are just confused by Revelation, and don’t find it particularly relevant to our daily Christian lives.

If you resonate with any of this, or if you’ve just been curious about how to read the book of Revelation better, join Elijah Lloyd and Dr Paul Lamicela for our upcoming 3-episode podcast series on reading and applying Revelation. We’ll tackle issues related to the apocalyptic genre of the book, how to understand the mark of the beast, and how to let Revelation shape our lives. 

And start thinking of questions you’d like answered on these topics! We’re planning a special fourth Q&A episode on all things Revelation and “end times”! Submit your questions here.
Listen to the first episode (and subscribe) here.

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