Tradition: Is It Hurting Evangelism?

Does tradition keep outsiders from joining our churches? Or does our tradition—informed by our beliefs—actually serve to draw people to join us? This episode contains an answer to the anti-traditionalists that does not ignore Anabaptists’ evangelism problem or fuel the mindless tradition-dumping that many engage in.

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1 thought on “Tradition: Is It Hurting Evangelism?”

  1. I know this is long after you’ve posted this but I’m enjoying having something to listen to while I work!
    Coming from a non-anabaptist setting and mingling for many years among the greater anabaptist world, I could very much relate to the topic! I think one of the biggest struggles we had was not the traditions -because many of them we had come to the same conclusion on, ourselves- but was the fact that everyone in these cultures thinks so alike. And it made us wonder if they think and act the same because they all want to and believe that way, or because the church was telling them to. Our issue was not the tradition itself, but how they believe in/practice the tradition, if that makes any sense. Great topic and I enjoyed the discussion!


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