Christopher Good

Christopher’s thought is strongly influenced by, though not bound to, traditional Anabaptist theology and practice. He currently works a blue-collar job at a local furniture manufacturing plant. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, especially realist fiction, writing both prose and poetry, and singing. He is passionate about ecclesiology and mission.

Posts By Christopher Good:

Where the Good Way Lies

In the real world, many things don’t fit neatly into spiritual categories. How should a congregation process these things? We all live them, inevitably. And in the process, a sort of practical culture arises. We try to respect each other, and we do things similarly to each other. Then we begin to recommend those things to each other. That is to say, we develop traditions. 

That They All May Be One

That They All May Be One Perspective on strong spiritual culture at a congregational level Why culture? It’s the only recorded prayer Jesus made for us who would follow him later: that we all would be one (John 17:21), that we would find the same unity among us that he … Read More