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Happy New Year to all our subscribers and followers!

We’ve been looking back at an exciting first year for Think Truth. Thanks to all of you for following our site since its launch five months ago. We are encouraged by the great response you all have had to this project. With a growing list of subscribers and more writers joining us, we’re looking forward to an even better 2020! 

Our continued vision is to help provide tools to aid you in thinking more and better. Americans in general have a low bar for what is considered “deep” and “profound,” so many of the ideas that most people automatically accept today are unhelpful or even dangerous. We want to help you think over the truth and come to logical conclusions that put God’s superiority on display before the world.

Check out our five most viewed posts since launching:

Here are some developments and ideas we are anticipating for this year:

  1. Paul Lamicela, Kristen Yoder, and Stewart Ebersole have agreed to join the team as regular contributors, so we expect some more great content coming from them in the year ahead. Although you are already getting to know the latter two, Paul might be unfamiliar to you. Paul Lamicela is a graduate student working on his doctorate in biblical theology. He’s a passionate and engaging teacher of the Bible, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to the writing team.


  2. Sergey’s living a busy life right now in directing various choral activities and working on his BM in music education at West Chester University.


  3. Drew’s teaching schedule gives him plenty of time to work on Think Truth. He’ll be working as the primary editor for the site and consistently producing new articles. We anticipate a large number of posts from him in the coming year.


  4. Elijah is enrolled in Ashford University working toward hopefully finishing his BA in Communications by the end of the year.


  5. We are looking at having a live event sometime in October 2020. Our goal is to have a group event to discuss in person some of the big issues that you’ve been asking about and have some fun interaction with our subscribers. We’re not releasing all the details yet, but we think you’ll enjoy it!


  6. Be sure to fill out a short survey on Think Truth and give your opinion on a new idea that we’re working on


For the King,
The Think Truth Team


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